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Hello there!

Just in case you're wondering,

RE77 is not dead!!

The next version(0.10) is being developed at the moment and we will do our best to bring you something you will not regret playing!

For those who have left messages : We apologize for not being able to reply to all of them, though rest assured that we do read them :)

Sincerely yours, RE77 Dev


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RE77 Old Demo 886 MB


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The game is awesome so far, I really looking forward to let's play the 0.1 build on my channel.

It runs smooth even on 4K on my PC build. At least I call 30 FPS+ smooth gaming. :) (\ô/)
My PC:
AMD FX 8300 @ 3.6 GHz
16 GB DDR3-1866 RAM Latencies: 10-10-10-30

or it will be possible to take to the streets ?

in the future, the game will be open world or not ?


Open-world is on our list of planned features.



can't wait for the 0.10 Demo!!!


Pretty bad game if I do say so myself, even in Demo it was just bad. So many bugs, tweaks, no directions. Just found myself aimlessly looking around trying to make something happen for 45 minutes.


Launching the game shows the Unity Personal Edition splash screen, then reboots my computer once the text fades to white. Does anyone else have this problem? If not with this particular game, is this a problem with Unity Personal Edition?

To cover FAQs, yes my computer is properly cooled, I don't have a problem running any other game. I am confident its not a hardware issue, but I'll list them anyway-
  • Windows 10 64bit
  • EVGA 750w Bronze PSU
  • Asrock mobo
  • i7 6700k (not OC'd)
  • EVGA 980 SC
  • 16gb 3200mhz G.SKILL TridentZ
Game looks pretty sweet and would love to try it, any insight or trouble shooting would be much appreciated

Great game! Really scary and well made, Do you want to hear me scream like a little girl? :))

I tried playing this but I have an issue I saw a few other comments mentioning. Once in the game (it asks me to press Space) I see nothing but white with a few black specks floating by. I can hear walking if I press WSAD.

same... well have to wait for 0.10 release

It's very laggy even on low settings and my PC is actually really good. I would love to play this game but it's unplayable right now :/ (sorry for english)


I loooooved this game. It really had me immersed pretty quickly and even becoming a bit paranoid throughout!

You know what would be really cool? A low graphics setting so there won't be so much lag! I can't even pick up the flashlight, it's that bad!

Fantastic! The best game with pt's vibe. i really believe in your work! i can't wait!

Great game! Here is a spanish gameplay!


I HATE HORROR GAMES, I REALLY DO......the game is good guys keep it up, love it.

Hey! I have problem... Game is terribly bright and in the dark areas i can only see the fog...
Any solution?
sry for english :D

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I tell you, i got to play this and it is no joke. Doing a gameplay of it and that scare got me like slapping me with a wet hand D: Yikes

Man, this game looks AWSOME !!!!!!!!

Hi mrdewitt77, 0.08 used to work very well on my computer but 0.09 is laggy no matter what i try. can you let me know how i can fix this ? i'd like to do another review/playthrough of the game. I really like the game and i wanted to do a review of the changes.

here is the one i did on 0.08 and as you can see, there is no lag at all

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