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RE77 0.09


RE77 is on Steam Greenlight now! Please check it out via clicking anywhere on this sentence and don't forget to vote!(This could not have happened without your support)


RE77 is a first-person psychological horror game experience that ambitiously aims to fill in the gaps of the horror game genre with unique features/mechanics and content. By the end of the game, even falling asleep will be hard...

Features planned for the future(Tentative)

  • Heavily Interaction-Based
  • Music and SFX to immerse you into the world of RE77
  • VR(Really excited for this)
  • Open-World
  • Seamless UI
  • Inventory System
  • Suicide(Yes, you will be able to kill yourself in various ways,some more gruesome than others)
  • More than 20 Endings Planned(Every decision and interaction affects this)
  • Authentic Driving Experience


Q: Why does this look look almost exactly like P.T. and the trailer?
A: This project was originally intended to be a recreation of the P.T. trailer in game form, but since it would have been a waste to serve just that purpose, we decided to build on it. At the moment, it still looks like a P.T. clone in some ways, but that soon will change as elements of likeness are stripped to be replaced by original content. The above trailer is meant to be a showcase of the graphics more than gameplay at this point because it will change drastically.
(We hope to get your understanding on this)

Q: How far into development is RE77?
A: The game is still in its alpha stages at the moment. 0.09 to be precise. 0.10 is being worked on currently and will be deployed in some time to come. Feedback has been received and gameplay will be improved according along with additional original content!

Q: Is RE77 going to be the name of this game?
A: Most likely not. The name is still being decided.

System requirements are to be determined at a later time, and future optimization will ensure that more people will be able to play it.


  • Please lower your settings if you encounter any choppiness/lag
  • If you like the game, please leave feedback and let me know what you want to see in future updates and what I should improve on/remove



More information

Published103 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, psychological, realism, silent-hill, Singleplayer, supernatural, Survival Horror, suspense
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average durationAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer


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I tell you, i got to play this and it is no joke. Doing a gameplay of it and that scare got me like slapping me with a wet hand D: Yikes

Man, this game looks AWSOME !!!!!!!!

Hi mrdewitt77, 0.08 used to work very well on my computer but 0.09 is laggy no matter what i try. can you let me know how i can fix this ? i'd like to do another review/playthrough of the game. I really like the game and i wanted to do a review of the changes.

here is the one i did on 0.08 and as you can see, there is no lag at all

Crashed the first time I launched it. Second time, everything was grey. I could move and hear things, but couldn't see anything.

Sorry the late reply! Are you still experiencing these problems?


I love the game! Can't wait to see the final version. I got scared for real multiple times while playing. Here it is:

I hope you enjoy it. :)


Soon as i got onto this game i was taken back for how amazing it looked. I've really enjoyed playing this game and can't wait to play the full version! This is one of those games that you must play late at night in a dark room!

Rating: 9/10

Check out my gameplay!


The environment is fantastically designed, and I love that building sense of tension with each iteration of it, searching to see what's changed.

Sterling work, I look forward to seeing the final version.

Oh, 85423482 to you as well.


Well, ive been trying to make the game work for the last hour but no luck. When i press space to start, i can only see a white screen whit a black glitchy thing just teleporting. I also can hear my footsteps if i move, but i cant see anything. Help please!

Did I run into a glitch? Cause I literally walked around for 25 minutes, trying to click and interact with Everything and couldnt find a way to move on.. the ball was going back and forth to the door, there was no chance in hell to interact with, I tried every angle, everything.. touched every pixle in the entire game and Nothing, the note fell off the door reviling "Find her" but that was is, thats where it all stopped.

Hello.Use middle mouse to zoom.


I played this game as well not knowing anything about it. And i really liked it. And it really caught me off guard. And it did really scare me. Definitely a good horror game to play late at night :).

There are some things that could be improved. One thing, and i actually got a bit stuck not knowing what to do. The notes, the first note should be easier to find and the other ones maybe harder.


After receiving a message from Dewitt yesterday about wanting me to do a video on the updated RE77. I knew I was in for one hell of an update to both gameplay and the scares. This game is awesome especially for still being a Pre-Alpha 0.09 game. I can't wait to see where this game goes from where it is now and how it will all come together in the final release. I did a video on 0.09's update if anyone is interested in seeing the changes from the first release.

SCARIEST GAME YET!!! | RE77 0.09 [Alpha Demo]


So....Note to your-self this game is amazing.

And I nearly crap in my own underwear due to how crazy scary this game is.

only thing need more little bit shadowing like Nvidia HBAO+ Setting and little bit less lighting.

Best game

Rate: 9/10

mrdewitt77- Gets my vote on being a excellent horror game designer , Your art style almost complete compared to the P.T. Of silent hill .

Keep up the excellent work. :-)


Hey Br-brehs! :) Please do me a huge favor and check out my let's play on this game and experience all this demo has to offer with me! :) You won't regret it!

Also, a huge grats to mrdewitt77, very well executed mate. I expected so much less and got so much more! :)


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Great Game, Looking forward to the final version!

Oh god that jumpscare got me good ahaha thank you


OMG, so freaking scary! But I got a glitch. Its in this video. However, that being said, I was still freaked out as the audio played that girls voice as i was clipped through the wall. Don't know if that was intentional, but might be a good idea to attache that audio clip when someone clips out.

But ultimately, I say this is the scariest game of 2016, hands down!

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